There are cases that take a new turn after several years. In 1974, a skeleton was found tied to a tree in Florida. Quickly, an investigation had been opened but no analysis had made it possible to identify the victim, until very recently. According to information from the New York Post, the victim’s name is Susan Poole and she was only 15 years old. His family had reported him missing two years earlier but his identification was not possible at that time. “All that was left of her was her bones,” agent William Springer told a press conference a few days ago. It is therefore a relief for his relatives who were desperately waiting to find out what had happened to their little girl. The victim’s mother, who is still alive, as well as her siblings were quickly informed. “The family was happy to know what had happened. It had been a long time waiting to find out what had happened to their sister,” continued William Springer.

In 2015 and after several years without new elements, the case was described as a “cold case”. At the time, the DNA found on the skeleton had been submitted to a national database of missing persons but no concrete answer had been given. In an attempt to learn more, the investigators then produced a computer-generated image of what the young girl might look like. A call for witnesses which ended in failure had been launched. If this identification was possible in 2022, it is thanks to “progress in DNA and genealogical analysis”, explained the People media. Last year, investigators sent the human remains to a “private laboratory specializing in genome sequencing”, it is specified. New analyzes which made it possible to go back to members of the family of the victim and thus, to identify him formally. For their part, relatives of Susan Poole indicated that she had “just disappeared, leaving behind, at a friend’s house, her clothes, her bag and her personal effects”.

Susan Poole: has her murderer been identified?

Once the skeleton was identified, it was important for the authorities to shed light on this whole affair. According to the New York Post, Susan Poole was allegedly the victim of Gerard Schaefer, a serial killer who was a “member of the sheriff’s office in neighboring Martin County”, we can read. The man in question was “convicted for two other murders of teenage girls, also found tied to a tree in 1973. Aged 16 and 17, they had been mutilated and beheaded. It was in prison, in 1995, that he was killed and, according to William Springer, he was linked to about 30 murders.”He lived in Broward County, in the area where Susan Poole lived,” he said. the investigators still want to discover the circumstances of the girl’s disappearance.

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