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Dead for six years, his body is discovered in his apartment invaded by pigeons

It’s a blood-curdling story. This Friday, August 7, 2020, Le Parisien Val-de-Marne announces that a retiree has been found when he had been dead at home for more than six years. This happened in Ivry-sur-Seine and more precisely at 55 rue Jean-Le-Galleu. At the end of 2013, one of her neighbors who had noticed that mail piled up in the retiree’s mailbox, decided to contact the building manager, as well as the police station.

Although the latter tried to sound the alarm several times, convinced that something unusual had happened, the authorities decided to do nothing. “It is true that apart from the mail, nothing was suspicious,” admits the neighbor. The deceased for his part owned his apartment (number 114 on the 10th floor), which is why no one else worried about his absence. However, a few months ago, an event changed everything. Indeed, after a storm, one of the windows of the apartment opened. “During confinement, we discovered that pigeons kept coming and going inside, we contacted the trustee again,” said the resident, who did everything to take it seriously his warnings.

Retiree found dead on his bed

This is how the police ended up intervening last week. The manager of the private building called a rope access technician to close the window through which the pigeons were passing. It was the latter who came face to face with the old man’s skeleton, who was lying on his bed. A rifle was located nearby, but the suicide hypothesis was not confirmed. An investigation was entrusted to the city police station to determine what the pensioner died of.

Dead for six years, his body is discovered in his apartment overrun with pigeons © Image by Henryk Niestrój from Pixabay

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