It’s no secret that Victoria Beckham pays attention to her image. The one who has been evolving under the gaze of the cameras since the 90s never appears scruffy, her hair in a mess and her face bare. No, Posh makes sure to always appear elegantly dressed, her hair brushed and her face made up, no matter the circumstances. If this discipline allows him to avoid unflattering clichés, it turns out to be particularly laborious since Victoria Beckham would go so far as to apply it at home, away from prying eyes. Maybe not all the way — Posh is most likely going to indulge in a messy bun and a jog in the privacy of her home — but on her brows, yes. In an interview with The Times this Sunday, May 21, the former Spice Girl revealed that she couldn’t get over a long-standing complex, namely her over-plucked eyebrows.

Victim of the fashion of the 90s which gave pride of place to clear eyebrow arches, Victoria Beckham never found naturally thick eyebrows, which is why she makes it a point of honor to make them up every day. “Over the years, my eyebrows have been plucked so much that if you saw me natural, you would be horrified,” she confides in the pages of the Times before adding: “David has never seen me without makeup eyebrows. It’s the first thing I do: I wake up, I take care of it”.

Victoria Beckham, prone to complexes for years

A confidence that reflects a sad reality, namely the difficulty of accepting yourself as you are. Younger, already, the former singer suffered from low self-esteem. “I wouldn’t want to be 25 again. I was the kind of young woman who looked in the mirror and saw what needed to be improved, rather than what looked good on her,” she says before d add: “It’s not about changing anything, it’s about seeing the best version of yourself”.

“David has never seen me without it”: this defect on his face that Victoria Beckham camouflages as soon as he jumps out of bed

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