David Hallyday: this little psychological disorder from which he suffers

David Hallyday released his fourteenth album. On this occasion, the son of Johnny Hallyday therefore began a tour of the sets to promote his new production. And Thursday, December 10, 2020 it is on the plate of l’Info du Vrai (Canal +) that he visited. A small outing which also did him good in view of the restrictions imposed by the government since the health crisis. “I’m happy to work, it’s clear. We are not all served in the same way, so I’m happy” said David Hallyday on the air.

He who composed his new album at home, in his room during confinement, then revealed what worried him the most since the appearance of the coronavirus. “It’s the pain of people, what we suffered: the pain and sadness of those who suffer the most. As it is really showing everywhere, the information, the social networks one cannot escape it. feeling the pain is the worst part, ”revealed Jade and Joy’s brother. But if there’s one thing the 54-year-old singer doesn’t do it’s keep up with all the news. “During confinement I try to watch little because it can scare you (…) It’s very anxiety-provoking and since I have a hypochondriac little nature I said to myself, perhaps this is not the right thing. ” he confided.

David Hallyday: “I watch out as much as possible”

Curious to learn more about this, the host of L’info du Vrai asked David Hallyday to clarify. “I watch out as much as possible, I must: it also calls for thinking of others.” concluded the one who recently mentioned his financial problems. Confined with his daughters, Illona and Emma, ​​David Hallyday thus makes every effort to protect himself but also his dear relatives.

David Hallyday © Capture Canal +

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