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David Hallyday: his warning to Laeticia Hallyday

Between David Hallyday, Laura Smet and Laeticia Hallyday, the legal battle is over. After several months of fighting over the legacy of Johnny Hallyday, the two parties have finally reached an agreement. As the singer’s eldest son explains in the columns of Le Parisien, he decided to “give up everything”. “Because in life, at some point, you have to move on. It was a very complicated time for my family and me, and I don’t want to be brought back to that always”, a- he explained.

However, David Hallyday, who does not wish to receive income from his father’s discography, assures us that he will remain “vigilant”. Indeed, the interpreter of My last letter explains that he will not hesitate to “put the stop if something harms the image of his father, if it is not class”. “You have to be careful with oversold, overbidding, not to trivialize your work … Re-orchestrating songs that you know well, it’s not bad, but it’s not enough”, specifies -he. According to him, we must “think, invent, build on the long term”: the ideas are there, “but everything in its time”.

David Hallyday ready to make things right with his sisters, Jade and Joy

During these long months, Jade and Joy were, in spite of themselves, impacted by the situation. Still underage: the eldest is 16 years old, the younger 12 years old, they did not have a say and relations with Laura Smet and David Hallyday were not in good shape. However, the 54-year-old singer wants the situation to improve. “I hope other things will work out with the children. They don’t have to be scapegoats,” he said. Young girls are very close to their mothers.

David Hallyday © Marc Ausset Lacroix

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