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David Hallyday and Johnny’s legacy: this warning to Laeticia not to “spoil” everything

Two and a half years after the disappearance of his father, David Hallyday ended up giving up his share of the inheritance. For AFP, his lawyer, Pierre-Jean Douvier said: “The objective of protecting his three sisters has been achieved and we are delighted. David does not receive anything, whether patrimonial or financially, and he does not ask for anything. He did not receive any symbolic items. ” In an interview with Truth Celebs, the 54-year-old singer agreed to reconsider this choice which surprised the greatest world: “For me the page has been turned for a long time. I just made a decision in consistency with what I’ve been saying in private from the start. Now it’s over and everyone will be able to move on and no longer discuss a subject that is no longer relevant. ”

While he has a right to look at the artistic heritage of Johnny Hallyday, the singer does not yet wish to develop posthumous projects. He thus confided: “The beautiful projects are those which are done in the reflection and on the length. For the moment, I have a lot to do as far as I’m concerned with the promotion of my new album. Obviously, if I see or receive proposals, I will give my opinion. ” While Laeticia Hallyday announced the release of a box set containing a documentary, a live and an unreleased track by the rocker who died on December 5, 2017, David Hallyday added: “An artistic heritage is knowing how to dose and not everything ‘ spoil ‘by launching concepts en masse. It is the nature of the projects that counts so we will see what presents itself. I do not want there to be overconsumption. My father it was not a product, but a human being and you have to choose the right projects at the right time and not all the time. We’ll see later. ”

“It’s important to get back to music”

In an interview with Paris Match last July, Laeticia Hallyday made it clear to Taulier fans that many projects will come out: “He left us a lot of things. After everything we’ve just been through, it’s important to get back to music, work on projects he had launched: documentaries, biopics, albums … “Regarding the documentary on the ultimate American adventures of Johnny Hallyday, which will be released on October 23, she explained : “It’s a project he was very keen on. I took part in the editing, in the production. It’s overwhelming. It contains the heart of his American dream. On the screen, we see Johnny exhausted, but happy. He didn’t want to show anything. ”

David Hallyday © Marc Ausset Lacroix

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