David Bowie was a star the likes of which are few over several generations. He died aged 69, just two days after his birthday on January 10, 2016. He passed away after a tough 18-month battle with liver cancer. A great loss for the music world and for his fans who were still able to enjoy his latest album “Blackstar” which was also released two days before his death. It is difficult to define the artistic career of this artist who leaves countless works in the world. However, beyond the artist, there was also the husband and the father. Indeed, David Bowie was married to Iman and was the father of Lexi and Duncan.

As for the artist’s real name, David Bowie was born as David Robert Jones. He did not want to keep the name of David Jones as his stage name to avoid being confused with the musician, David Jones of the group The Monkees, reports Rfm. So why Bowie? It would be the pseudonym of the famous knife invented in 1830, in the United States. A work by a certain Jim Bowie who was famous thanks to cult films of the time such as Rambo or Crocodile Dundee. A well seasoned choice in this case since Bowie has truly marked the world of music as well as several generations.

Some interesting facts about David Bowie

David Robert Jones lived quite a bit and the many anecdotes about him prove it. In 2003, he refused to be knighted by the Queen of England. Why ? Because he “sincerely did not see what use it could be”, in his own words. Note that David Bowie was not the only artist who refused to be ennobled. John Lennon had also done the same in 1969 as well as Danny Boyle. In the case of Danny Boyle, he said he was proud to be an ordinary citizen.

Among the most surprising revelations of David Bowie, there is that he would have slept with Mick Jagger, the leader of the Rolling Stones. It was his ex-wife Angie who made this revelation to The Sun. She would have discovered the two stars totally drunk and naked in the marital bed. There is something to be surprised about, indeed! Also, David Bowie played in the cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants in 2007. He notably lent his voice to the character Lord Royal Hightness.

David Bowie had his own line of wallpapers

The artist also had his own line of wallpapers. Far from being a simple entrepreneurial initiative, David Bowie in collaboration with Laura Ashley founded this company for the benefit of a charitable action. Many models have been proposed including those with the painter Lucian Freud or those where you can see a Minotaur far from being modest. David Bowie also had his own mime troupe.

David Bowie: what was his real name?

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