David Bowie: his son pays him a touching tribute

On January 10, 2016, David Bowie would die of liver cancer, just two days after his 68th birthday and the release of his 26th album Blackstar. He left behind a wife, the model Iman, and two children: Alexandria, born in 2000 and Duncan, born in 1971 from his union with actress Angela Barnett. He paid tribute to his father five years after his death on Twitter: “Today, it’s been 5 years since dad died. We’re a little sad, we each face our own way. It’s remarkable. and extraordinary that he is still loved by so many people. Yes we miss him, but we find so much of him in what he realized that he is still among us “.

A response from Stanley Kubrick’s daughter

Katharina Kubrick, daughter of famous director Stanley Kubrick, who died in 1999, replied to this tweet: “We miss him dearly. I know exactly how you feel. The legacy of our fathers lives on!” Duncan Jones then replied: “I’m still a little amazed that I was so young when my dad showed me A Clockwork Orange, your dad’s movie! That gesture finally had the desired effect since now I’m earning my money. life by making films “.

Duncan Jones made his breakthrough in Hollywood

Duncan Jones is indeed not only the son of David Bowie but also a confirmed director. He started his career with two science fiction films, Moon in 2009 and Source Code in 2011. Both films are successful and allow Duncan Jones to gain notoriety. He will then make the long-awaited adaptation of the World of Warcraft video game, titled Warcraft: The Beginning, but this time the success is not there and no follow-up is announced.

Duncan Jones © Action Press

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