David Beckham, Emily Ratajkowski, Ariana Grande … What do celebrity dogs look like?

Faithful, funny, comforting … The qualities of the dog are numerous and many celebrities can attest to it. This is especially the case of David Beckham, the star known for his footballing exploits also has a real passion for his dogs and in particular the last to have been adopted Sage. A beautiful English Cocker Spaniel he gave for Christmas 2019 to his last 9 year old daughter, Harper. Emily Ratajkowski for her part has often posted pictures of her on her Instagram account with her precious Colombo. The dog willingly took the pose to the delight of the young woman and her fans. Moreover, the doggie has regularly stolen the show from his master so much so that today, he has a real fan club all by himself. A star, a real one!

Ariana Grande is a big fan of dogs and it’s no secret that her Instagram account is flooded with many adorable photos: and for good reason, the singer currently has 8 dogs: coco, Toulouse, Ophelia Cinnamon, Sirius Strauss, Lafayette and Pignoli. In addition, his animals accompany him everywhere Sirius Strauss for example went on tour with Ariana Grande during “The Honeymoon Tour” in 2015. Still others, are well known like the Toulouse poodle which was nominated in 2018 at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in the category of cutest artist animals.

Nina Dobrev: her dog has the right to her own Instagram account

After the death of her cat in 2017, Nina Dobrev took comfort in adopting a dog that she decided to call Maverick. The actress introduced her companion on her Instagram account and subsequently rushed to create her own account. On the page the dog read: “Hello, my name is Maverick Do (g) brev. I like long walks on the beach and candle light dinners in mess tins.” Today, the account is full of too cute photos and videos for its subscribers.

David Beckham © Instagram

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