Little resentment after the fear for Dave. On January 25, the singer suffered “a heavy fall” in his Parisian apartment. Discovered “lying on the ground, inert” by her husband Patrick Loiseau, the latter first believed that he “was dead”. “I heard a dull noise, he remembered. At first, I thought it was a plant that had fallen on the ground. I went into the living room anyway”. Quickly, he contacts a friend who then warns the guardians of the building “who have contacted the Samu”. “The firefighters arrived in fifteen minutes. I managed to pull Dave to the mat and put a pillow under his head. When he groaned, I realized he was alive,” Patrick said. Loiseau at Paris Match.

Dave meanwhile, claims to have no memory of what happened. “I woke up in Percy Military Hospital. I didn’t even know it existed,” he admitted. However, he does not seem to have forgotten everything, in particular the passage of the firefighters who had come to help him. While the medical staff “cut his clothes before intubating him in the truck”, the singer specifies that he was wearing a “cashmere at 250 euros” that day. A sweater which has therefore been in a way sacrificed to save him, which he does not seem to digest. However, Patrick Loiseau prefers to put things into perspective. “Yes, finally … You had two broken vertebrae, it was the least of things!”, Thus reminded the author to her husband.

Dave’s long recovery

Following his fall, Dave had several health concerns, including two epileptic seizures before being plunged into a coma and placed in intensive care. The staff then announced, “coldly”, to Patrick Loiseau that her husband’s state of health was deteriorating. “We don’t know yet if we will be able to save him,” they told him. After several days in a coma, the singer finally woke up. However, his recovery is far from over. Since the beginning of March, he has been going to the hospital every day. “Occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, I even see a psychologist, he says in the columns of our colleagues. But I don’t have the right to drive for the next six months. Apart from all that, I’m doing very well !”

Dave © Christophe Clovis

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