Dave got really scared. On Tuesday January 25, the 77-year-old singer fell 2.5 meters high at his home. Hit in the head, he was quickly hospitalized in intensive care. Several days later, Vanina’s interpreter gave his news from a “military hospital which [he] did not know existed”. And they are reassuring! “I am well taken care of but it is not settled yet”, warns Dave in the columns of Télé Loisirs, specifying that, if his “bobos” are “more worrying”, “it is not the end of a life that is announced”. The singer had surgery a few days ago, and everything went well.

“It’s an important operation that was successful. But, at the level of the head, you have to allow time for it to resolve on its own,” he explains, still tired. Still marked by this accident, Dave is more worried about the rest of his career and for his fans than for his health. “What is annoying are the different concerts that are starting to happen. For the moment I cannot go there. I leave the job to other singers”, he added to Télé Loisirs, while assuring that he kept “the sense of humor”, and this, “until [that he] died[t]”. Dave, who will remain hospitalized for some time, is happy to have been taken care of quickly. “I hope 2022 will be a better year than 2021 and 2020,” he added.

Dave: “I hope to be able to go back on stage in mid-April”

“We, the artists, hope to work again as before because it’s one of the things we prefer in life. So without showing off, I hope to be able to go back on stage in mid-April. Before, it will be rest and convalescence “, he warns finally. And if Dave is better, he will keep an aftereffect of this heavy fall, as revealed to you by Closer. Indeed, the singer will now have to wear a neck brace to keep his neck in place. His neck was seriously affected during his fall since it was his head that took a large part of the shock. The neck brace will therefore allow him to keep his neck still to allow him a complete recovery.

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