“I thought he was dead.” On January 25, the singer suffered “a heavy fall in his Parisian apartment”. Transferred to a health facility, he was placed in intensive care before starting his recovery. Now almost back on his feet, he gave his news in the columns of Paris Match, this Thursday, March 24. If he is better, Dave has no memory of his accident. Her husband, on the other hand, remembers it perfectly. “I heard a dull noise, explains Patrick Loiseau. At first, I thought it was a plant that had fallen to the ground. I went into the living room anyway. He was there, lying on the ground, inert . I thought he was dead.” Faced with this traumatic scene, he immediately reacted to save her husband.

“I first called a friend. He warned the guards, who contacted the Samu. The firefighters arrived in fifteen minutes”, says Patrick Loiseau, who in the meantime had “succeeded in pulling Dave towards the carpet and to put a cushion under his head”, since he fell on it. “When he groaned, I realized he was alive,” recalls, still moved, the man who has shared the singer’s life for decades. “But the medical staff took care to cut his clothes before intubating him in the truck”, continues Patrick Loiseau, who explains that Dave had “two broken vertebrae”. He could not accompany the singer to the military hospital in Poissy, where he stayed for several days. And during his transfer, the interpreter of Vanina went close to the worst.

Dave had “two epileptic seizures”

“At the beginning of the evening, when I contact the intensive care unit, I am coldly told: ‘Your husband had two epileptic fits during his transfer. He fell into a coma, his condition is deteriorating, we don’t know again if we are going to be able to save him, ”recalls Patrick Loiseau in the columns of Paris Match. At the hospital, Dave remained in a coma for several days before waking up. But his recovery is far from over. Since the beginning of March, he has been going to the hospital every day. “Occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, I even see a psychologist, he says in the columns of our colleagues. But I don’t have the right to drive for the next six months. Apart from all that, I’m doing very well !” Out of business, the singer even plans to go back on stage at the end of April!

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