Unless you want to make a collection of them or get the craziest and most bizarre anecdotes out of them, it is best to sniff them out from afar and ignore them. The first of the ten profiles of men you absolutely must avoid on dating apps is that of the narcissist full of himself. He is the one who only talks about himself and who is almost in love with his own reflection in the mirror. You don’t have to wait to be in your bathroom or bedroom to flush it out. The narcissist is the one who saturates his gallery profile with selfies. The narcissist surely wants to “pecho”, but there is another type who is not necessarily a narcissist, but who is looking for nothing more than a one-night stand.

If you’re not into dating sites and apps for one-night stands only, then these men are to be avoided. In third place, you have the profiles of men who lie about just about everything to make their profile look better. Much like in the case of the narcissist, you have the one who is addicted to bodybuilding and who spends most of his time admiring himself or asking for your validation and compliments. The profile of the one who goes too fast is also to be avoided. We always meet profiles of very desperate men on dating sites.

The five other profiles of men to avoid on dating apps

Unless you adhere to this type of convention, it is better to avoid profiles of men who do not pay you for your drink. Also avoid the one who is too fond of telling goofy jokes. On the other hand, there are still profiles of men who make the mistake when they meet you. They are also among the men to avoid on dating sites. Men don’t hesitate to lie when they desperately want to find someone. Men who lie about their age on dating apps are not at all dating. The same is true of men who are looking for their soul mate. The latter can be particularly stubborn and ready for anything.

Dating apps: these ten profiles of men to avoid absolutely

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