Dating apps are very popular, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Indeed, if some people are really looking for a meeting, the boorish and rude people often do their job. Reason why there are a few phrases to avoid if you want to land one or more meetings. Impersonal catchphrases are the first type of catchphrase to avoid. These are “Hi, how are you?”, “How was your day?”, … This shows a lack of interest and above all a lack of seriousness.

The second type of catchphrase to avoid is one that puts forward a criticism. Femme Actuelle emphasizes the fact that well-balanced compliments are better received on dating sites and apps than criticism. So avoid sentences like: “Are you looking for true love? You haven’t passed the age?” or even “why don’t you fill out your profile? Do you have stuff to hide?”. Also in this category, it is necessary to avoid aggressive phrases such as “Why don’t you answer? Are you too good for me?”, “Ok, I’ll leave you!”. It goes without saying that no one likes to be attacked or criticized.

Anything negative should be banned

In third place are phrases that are simply offensive to the person. Although this should be obvious, it should be noted that it is strongly discouraged to comment on a person’s height or weight. Here, comments regarding age and racial origins should also be avoided. Even joking, it does not pass!

The last category of catchphrases to avoid revolves around “sexual innuendo”. This is especially true if you are looking for a serious story. Even if the person behind the screen is interested in you, they may leave you out for lack of seriousness.

Dating apps: these 4 catchphrases to absolutely avoid

Dating Apps: These 4 Catchphrases You Should Absolutely Avoid © Pexels

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