Bumble, Happn, Tinder, Adopt a guy, Fruitz, Once… The choice is vast when it comes to finding love on the internet or via an application. Today it is one of the most popular ways to meet someone at all ages. Each platform has its specialty ranging from the only profile offered every day on Once, to extra-marital encounters on Gleeden. If you are in a process of authenticity and are really looking to make a nice meeting? Here are some tips for spotting men (or women) who aren’t playing the game.

How to detect men in relationships on dating apps?

Because yes, many tweak their profiles or, at the very least, do not tell everything! To avoid men who are already in a relationship, follow these few golden rules.

Ask questions: first of all, remember to find out about the person you are talking to. Questions as simple as “what are you looking for here?” can give you a lot of directions. The more evasive the answer, the less it is a good sign: “to meet people”. Okay next! Do you want to do one or 15? “I do not know”. Next! When we are on a dating application we are necessarily looking for something, the fact that he does not want to say it or does not succeed is not a very good sign.

Quickly suggest a meeting. If a man (or a woman) is only there to flirt, he will escape from the conversation as soon as you have proposed a meeting. “Do you want to go for a drink next week?”. If he or she continues to apologize, postpones the meeting or simply stops answering, it can be a good clue: the person may not be free…

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Ask the question directly. There’s no shame in asking someone on a dating app if they’re already in a relationship or have kids. If the person is also looking to meet someone for something serious, there is no reason for them to dodge these kinds of important questions. Knowing if someone is in a free couple or a single dad is essential to project yourself and consider whether or not to move forward with him/her.

Dating apps: how to easily spot men who are already in a relationship?

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