Darina Vartan and David Hallyday have always been very close. When the young woman joined the family she was seven months old and her half-brother was 31 years old. A big age difference which did not prevent them from forming strong bonds. In a new interview with Jordan de Luxe, Darina Vartan assured that David Hallyday was “the most talented person” she knows. “I entrust everything to him, I love him very much. It’s like a second daddy”, she added again before evoking their common rather glaucous passion. “We share the same passion for documentaries and crime. We love watching it!”

The 23-year-old was arguably able to count on the support of her older brother as she was harassed during her teenage years. A period that was not easy either for the singer when he was the son of two great personalities. In the show The moment of Luxury on TV Star Play, November 29, 2021, Darina Vartan also explained why she had gained a lot of weight. “For a long time, I went on diet. But afterwards, I realized that just having a healthy lifestyle is enough (…) I had hormonal problems that’s why I gained weight , as everyone likes to tell me in my comments, “she said, undoubtedly touched by the criticisms of which she is the target.

Darina Vartan is very close to her nieces, Ilona and Emma Smet

Fortunately, she can count on the support of her very large family. She is also close to her nieces Ilona and Emma Smet (26 and 24 years old). If she is indeed their aunt, she explained that she considered them more as “sisters”. Everyone in the family accepted the one who adopted in 1997.

Darina Vartan © BALDINI

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