In addition to sharing the same passion for cinema and directing, Dany Boon and Laurence Arné are in love. Indeed, invited on the set of Clique on Canal + in October 2021, the lovers had mentioned their relationship as a couple with some embarrassment. The actress had described the one with whom she has been in a relationship since 2018. She assured that he was always in humor and the second degree. “In fact, each time there is a reading, a filter, which makes the situation funny and above all, a particular taste for the ridiculous,” she said, assuring that he also had this point in common. “We love this discrepancy (…) I think it’s important not to have pride and to have fun.”

Laurence Arné had also mentioned the “strength” of his companion. “When there are stressful situations or moments of tension, he always defuses them with humour.” Faced with such a statement and such confessions, Dany Boon could not help but remember that it was still very intimate. Only, in turn, he had been brought to give his opinion on the woman who shares his life.

Dany Boon and Laurence Arné have humor in common

“She has a madness that is natural and she makes you laugh in a spontaneous and delirious way”, assured Dany Boon, having fun at the fact that her darling “does not hesitate to make a fool of herself to make those around her laugh”. “We are always ready to wink at each other, but without a filter,” he added. The lovers form a pretty blended family with six children. Indeed, the actor has five children and Laurence Arné also has one. “We are very close,” she assured, implying that the whole little tribe got along wonderfully. A real relief for parents for whom their children are very important.

Dany Boon and Laurence Arné © RACHID BELLAK

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