For the iconic singer of the musical “The Ten Commandments” written by Elie Chouraki, the year 2022 could have been the year of good news, since Daniel Lévi became a dad for the 4th time. However, while he announced that he had been affected by colon cancer since 2019, his state of health does not seem to be improving.

Sandrine Aboukrat “URGENT, singer Daniel Lévi needs our prayers more than ever to heal”

While he assured in February 2022 at Gala that things were stabilizing, it seems that there have been some complications in the meantime. “I treated myself, I am taking care of myself. The disease is stable, he declared then, I am stopping the chemo which tired me. I am going to attack an immunotherapy protocol to boost my immune system. And I target the stuff that’s wrong. The lungs. That’s why I’m coughing a little bit.” Rather encouraging statements, which his wife’s post completely called into question on August 4.

“URGENT, the singer Daniel Lévi needs our prayers more than ever to heal, she indeed published this Thursday. “Let’s act immediately” to which she added “Time is running out, let’s mobilize and act immediately”. Internet users were numerous in the singer’s community to react instantly to give all possible support to the 60-year-old singer. Following the publication, Sandrine Aboukrat published the prayers she hopes will be answered for save her husband.Already hospitalized in an emergency for complications last April, the singer had just started a new treatment protocol.All eyes are now on him in the hope that he recovers as soon as possible!

Daniel Lévi sick: "time is running out", his wife calls for help

Daniel Lévi © BALDINI

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