On July 15, Daniel Lévi became the father of a little girl. The singer, suffering from colon cancer, became a dad for the third time. A short-lived happiness: on August 6, the star would die of the disease, at age 60. A drama for the artist’s family. For weeks, his wife Sandrine Aboukrat will have fought for his recovery. This Friday, she posted a black and white photo of her little family on Instagram on the occasion of the star’s birthday. A different birthday this year, because Daniel Lévi is no longer there. A black and white shot, accompanied by an adorable message tinged with love and emotions. “Not so long ago, you sang to me ‘Thanks to you’. Today, I am writing these words to you to say THANKS TO YOU…”, writes Sandrine Aboukrat.

She adds, evoking her fight against cancer: “Thanks to you, I learned what the verb to LOVE was. And yet, love came little by little but as you said so well ‘I don’t want love you like on the first day, I’m going to love you a little more each day.'(…) And then the ordeal came and to get through it, we united before God… Thanks to you. ” And to conclude: “Thanks to you, I have become the happiest of mothers, you have given me the most beautiful gift… ‘A princess’, as you said. (…) You are no longer there by your presence but you are with us every day and in our hearts forever. Happy birthday my love. I love you my husband, my king”, declares Sandrine Aboukrat, in a passionate declaration of love.

Daniel Lévi buried in Marseille

As a reminder, Daniel Lévi, of the Jewish faith, was buried the day after his death when he was 60 years old, in the Jewish cemetery in Marseille. On the evening of his death, a vigil had been organized by the wife of Daniel Lévi, at the Synagogue de la Rose in Marseille. The singer passed away after a three-year battle with colon cancer, and when he had just started a new treatment protocol.

Daniel Lévi: on his birthday, his widow shares a snapshot of him and his baby taken shortly before his death

Daniel Levi and Sandrine Aboukrat © CEDRIC PERRIN


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