Daniel Lévi will have fought for a long time and with all his might against colon cancer before passing away on August 6, 2022, about twenty days before celebrating his 61st birthday. Touching tributes to the Ten Commandments star swarmed social media at the end of the summer, proof of the unwavering love that the public had for him years after the famous musical. Remained close to her husband throughout his fight against the disease, Sandrine Aboukrat Lévi, she celebrated the memory of the singer by organizing a grand Gala in his honor at the Mogador Theater on November 7th. Moments all the more heartbreaking as the couple had welcomed a little girl, Neyssel, a few weeks before the disappearance of Daniel Levi, already the father of three other children.

This Sunday, January 22, 2023, Abel Lévi, the singer’s eldest son, revealed on Instagram the birth of his son on Instagram with photos of the ceremony celebrating the birth of the baby. If he will never know his grandfather, the child will however maintain his memory. His parents chose his middle name as his grandfather’s. Isaac Daniel Messaoud Lévi therefore comes into the world under the most beautiful patronage. Abel Lévi will very surely speak to him about the one he celebrated on August 26 as “an exceptional father” whom he will love “until the end of [his] days”. A declaration as beautiful as the words of L’Envie d’aimer…

This other very touching tribute to Daniel Lévi

Sandrine Aboukrat Lévi cultivates in her own way the memory of her husband by regularly paying tribute to him on social networks. For the new year, the music producer presented her wishes to the fans, in addition to addressing the singer directly. “Because you are with me today and tomorrow, because you are our king and even though the lack of your presence is immense, your Neshama [“soul” in Hebrew] is there with us every moment”. Mourned by the death of Daniel Lévi, Neyssel’s mother confides that she does not “always understand the decisions of the almighty” even if she “must accept them because nothing is decided” by chance. There remains the image of a couple embracing, smiling, under the sun…

Daniel Lévi: his eldest son dad for the first time, the sex and the symbolic first name of the baby revealed

Daniel Levi © Jack Tribeca

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