Daniel Craig’s daughters have understood this well, with him, it is not Dying can wait but inheriting can wait. Because James Bond does not intend to leave Ella and her second daughter large sums of money. In an interview with British magazine Candis indeed, the interpreter of 007 explained the reason why he did not intend to inherit his two children. “I do not want to leave large sums to the next generation. I think the inheritances are in bad taste”, he began, radical. His money, he intends to “get rid of” or “give it before leaving”. But not to his daughters. “Isn’t there an old adage that if you die rich you wasted your life?” Daniel Craig continued before taking a cue from a Scottish philanthropist: “I think Andrew Carnegie has Gave what in today’s money would be around $ 11 billion, which shows how rich he was, because I bet he kept some of that as well. “

To get rid of his fortune, Daniel Craig will have to spend lavishly. Already at the head of a heritage estimated at 130 million pounds, the actor has largely bailed out this year by being the highest paid actor. In question ? Two films, the sequels of Knives Out, which will net him no less than $ 100 million. Ella, her first daughter, born 29 years ago from her relationship with actress Fiona Loudon, will therefore not be able to count on her daddy’s money. Just like the second daughter of Daniel Craig, born in September 2018 from his marriage to Rachel Weisz. Since 2010, he spins the perfect love with the actress, whom he met on the set of Dream House, by Jim Sheridan. After only a year of relationship, the couple got married in June 2011 in the greatest intimacy. And since then, discretion is essential for them.

Daniel Craig bids farewell to James Bond

Playing in Dying Can Wait, in theaters Wednesday, October 6, Daniel Craig has said goodbye to Britain’s best-known secret agent. A particularly moving moment for the actor. “A lot of people worked with me on all five movies, and I know there’s been a lot said about how I feel about those movies, whatever. But I loved every second I spent on those movies and especially this one, because every morning when I woke up, I had the chance to work with you. And that was one of the greatest honors of my life “, launched the comedian on the verge of tears in front of the film crew, at the end of filming. For fifteen years, Daniel Craig has played Agent 007 five times. First in Casino Royal, in 2006, then Quantum of Solace, in 2008, Skyfall, four years later, Specter, in 2015 and finally, Die Can wait.

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