Dani Alves in turmoil. This Friday, January 20, the former player of FC Barcelona and PSG was interviewed by the Catalan police in the context of an accession of sexual assault. After going freely to the station, he finally came out in a police vehicle. He was then taken to the courthouse to be brought before a judge.

The facts for which the Brazilian footballer is suspected date back to December 30. That day, he had gone to a nightclub in Barcelona. According to the alleged victim, during the evening, Dani Alves would have put his hand in his underwear. The young woman then warned her friends present in the establishment to report to them these potential touchings. They then alerted the security staff of the nightclub.

Dani Alves claims his innocence

The police quickly opened an investigation. Examined in a Barcelona hospital the evening of the alleged attack, the alleged victim was heard by the police. For his part, the 39-year-old Brazilian defender denied all the charges against him from the start of this case. Invited to a Spanish television program in early January, Dani Alves confirmed that he was indeed present in the disco that evening, but that he did not know the young woman who accused him. “Yes, I was in that place, with other people, enjoying. And those who know me know that I love to dance. I was dancing and having fun without invading other people’s space. I don’t know not who this lady is. No, I did not do what she said,” said the footballer, who remains, for the time being, presumed innocent.

Dani Alves accused of sexual assault: the ex-PSG star arrested

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