A fiery side. More than 20 years after the last performance, the musical Romeo and Juliet will return to the stage. The troupe has indeed decided to reform the time of 18 shows in Taiwan. And the two main performers of the show, Cécilia Cara and Damien Sargue, are already impatient to find the public. “I feel a lot of excitement, because it’s the real reunion of Romeo and Juliet. It’s super moving,” said the singer in an interview with Here Paris.

An interview during which the two artists also returned to these years when the public discovered them. When they were only 15 and 18 years old, Cécilia Cara and Damien Sargue were chosen to play Romeo and Juliet on stage. And success quickly followed. In fact, as soon as the ticket office opened, the Palais des Congrès had a full house for the first three months. And this success allowed the two singers to earn a lot of money quickly. Amounts that made them a little dizzy, as revealed by Damien Sargue, who could not help but afford quite expensive goods.

Damien Sargue: “I burned everything”

“I bought myself a brand new Audi TT, the latest model”, indicated the interpreter of Romeo to our colleagues, before adding: “When I returned to Notre-Dame de Paris (he was the understudy of Bruno Pelletier and Patrick Fiori, editor’s note), my bank account was overdrawn by 45,000 francs! Suffice to say, I burned everything”. “I no longer know who says: ‘The real rich are those who spend their money’. Well… I was a billionaire”, concluded with a touch of humor Damien Sargue. For her part, Cécilia Cara did not have such delusions of grandeur. “Me, I bought myself a Clio … used”, revealed the 38-year-old singer, visibly more ant than cicada.

Damien Sargue in debt: how he burned all the money earned with Romeo and Juliet

Damien Sargue © CEDRIC PERRIN

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