Daisy Coleman, star of Netflix documentary, died suddenly at age 23

She is a known face to Netflix subscribers. Daisy Coleman ended her life on Tuesday, August 4. The sad news was announced by the mother of the young woman, 23, to TMZ. Daisy Coleman had appeared in the documentary Audrie & Daisy, a documentary that traces the lives of two young American minors, after their respective rapes. One of the two young women in question was therefore Daisy. Purchased by Netflix in 2016, the documentary caused a sensation at the Sundance festival.

Melinda Coleman, Daisy’s mother, explained that her daughter ended her life on the evening of Tuesday, August 4. Worried about her daughter, whom she had not heard from, Melinda Coleman called the police to make sure everything was going well for Daisy. Once there, the police discovered the body of the young woman, lifeless. “She was my best friend and an amazing girl. I think she believed I could live without her, but I can’t. I wish I had been able to take her pain away,” Melinda Coleman told the tabloid.

“She never recovered from her rape”

In January 2012, Daisy Coleman was allegedly raped in a house in Missouri, during a drinking party. No one has been convicted of his alleged rape. The young teenager was then 14 years old. In 2016, a documentary available on Netflix followed Daisy Coleman and her family members as the teenager tried to recover from her trauma and struggle on a daily basis. Audrie Pott, the other young woman in the documentary, was raped by three of her high school friends in September 2012 in California. The latter ended her life ten days later. “She never got over what those boys did to her, and that’s not fair. My little girl is gone,” added Melinda Coleman. In 2019, the family had to face another tragedy: the death of Daisy’s younger brother, killed in a car crash.

Daisy Coleman © Instagram / Daisy Coleman

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