Daisy Coleman (Audrie & Daisy): a few months after her suicide, her mother Melinda took her own life

There are sorrows that never heal. Monday, December 7, the SafeBAE association which fights against sexual violence, announced the death of Melinda Coleman the same evening. Four months after the suicide of her daughter Daisy, sexually assaulted at the age of 14 and who was the subject of the documentary Audrie & Daisy broadcast on Netflix, the mother of the young woman also committed suicide after months of grief. “We are shocked and incredulous to announce to our SafeBAE family that we have lost Melinda Coleman to a death by suicide tonight,” said the association founded by Daisy Coleman.

“Some days, the bottomless mourning of having lost her husband, Tristan and Daisy was unbearable”, underlines the association SafeBAE. In fact, before losing her daughter Daisy at the age of 23, Melinda Coleman had to face the death of her husband in a car accident years earlier, before facing in 2018 the tragic disappearance of her son. Tristan at the age of 19 in a traffic accident. On August 4, the mother had once again experienced a tragedy with the gun suicide of her daughter Daisy, who in turn never recovered from the rape of which she was a victim.

Melinda Coleman “Couldn’t” Live Without Daisy

A tragedy for the Coleman family, especially for Melinda who has always supported Daisy in her fight against sexual violence, she whose alleged assailant has never been convicted by justice. “Melinda was a gifted vet, a dedicated mother and wife, and a talented bodybuilder. She loved and believed in her children more than anything. It was no coincidence that she gave birth to the most gifted children, passionate and resilient “, underlines SafeBAE. A terrible suicide especially for the association but also for the community that had formed around her after the death of her daughter, in the face of which she already felt inconsolable. “She was my best friend and an amazing girl. I think she thought I could live without her, but I can’t,” said Melinda Coleman in a tribute to Daisy.

Melinda and Daisy Coleman © Instagram

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