Unexpected but true! A father and son make a fortune posing completely naked on the OnlyFans platform.

Some families have unusual hobbies. Like Jake Herbert and his father who post completely naked photos of themselves on OnlyFans. In an interview with the BBC, the 26-year-old Briton spoke about this eccentric idea. Before sharing the limelight with his dad, the young man already had his own account for a few years. But the latter, who received up to $ 9,000 per month for his own daring shots, decided to go further. “I knew that in order to move up a gear, I had to do something that would get everyone talking. I posted a photo of my father and I, with our chests bare, after a workout and it went viral” a- he declared to the channel.

Faced with the demand of his subscribers, Jake Herbert proposed to his father to join him on the platform and he accepted. Since then, the duo’s popularity has grown steadily. The patriarch, whose first name and age we do not know, however wanted to keep his job as a plumber despite the remarks of his colleagues. “We were messing him up at his job. But I was like ‘Listen daddy, we just need to make some money. It’s not like we’re doing anything'” said the twenty-something. In 2020, the young man had made an update via the media The Tab by explaining that he had never seen the private parts of his father since he looked away each time.

An activity that brings in a fortune

At the time, Jake Herbert had also confided to be in a relationship and supported 100% by his girlfriend in her projects. Since his father has been by his side, his monthly income has quadrupled! In his interview with the BBC, he confessed to receiving no less than 40,000 dollars a month and giving a small share to his dad. As for the negative opinions, he prefers not to worry about them: “I don’t care because I knew it was going to bring me back money. That it would make people talk and they would want to subscribe. . I got a lot of criticism on Twitter but the thing is, people are talking behind their computers. Everybody is saying shit online but no one is telling me anything in my face. don’t care because I make a good living. ”


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