It was a difficult ordeal to overcome for Cyril Féraud. When his father died in 2019, the host lost all joy of living and felt neglected. It was in the columns of the magazine Public that he indeed revealed that he had lost his smile. “I got it from my mother. I never force myself! I lost it when my father disappeared.” he confided. To hold on, Cyril Féraud took refuge in work. “My job allowed me to move forward, I had to resume filming quickly.” he explained. His fans have also been very supportive. “And there were these thousands of messages that I received: a huge wave of support that helped me overcome this ordeal.” concluded the host.

Cyril Féraud still devastated by the death of his father

As a reminder, it was on Thursday June 20, 2019 that Cyril Féraud announced the death of his dad. Devastated, he said via his social networks: “The disease has just snatched my Dad from me. Life is sometimes cruel. I am devastated with sadness and grief. If you are lucky enough to have your parents, don’t forget not to tell them every day that you love them.” A terrible disappearance that still affects him as much. Moreover, each year, Cyril Féraud pays tribute to his dad whom he loved so much. “Because you’ve never been so close to me, everywhere, all the time. Happy Birthday, Dad,” he said in 2020, in a vibrant message in honor of his birthday. In 2021, it was in the show “La Boîte à Secrets” that the host gave himself up with an open heart. In tears, he confessed: “It’s an injury. I’m very damaged by what we all went through together with my mom and my granny. My dad fell ill like lots of people, suddenly his health declined, and I felt like we were headed for something uncool.”

Cyril Féraud: his rare secrets on the death of his father

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