A beautiful moment of complicity… Close to his mother, Cristiano Ronaldo never misses an opportunity to put her in the spotlight on his social networks. Monday June 27, 2022, the football star shared a photo where they pose together on Instagram. In the caption of this photo, he simply wrote: “Blessed.” Throughout her life, Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Aveiro, who lived in poverty, fought for her children. Having become rich, his son sheltered him and even asked him to live with him! In an interview, he explained: “My mother raised me sacrificing her life for me. She slept hungry, just to let me eat. We had no money at all…She worked 7 days out of 7 and at night as a cleaning lady in order to buy my first shoes to be a player.”

Close to his mother, the footballer added: “All my success is due to her and thanks to her. And as long as she has life, she will always be by my side. I will give her everything I can give. She is my refuge and my great gift.” In June 2018, for the Parisian, Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother assured that her son was “very tender.” She revealed: “He often tells me, I love you. For example for Mother’s Day, he sent me a bouquet of flowers and a jewel with a little message saying ‘you are the best mom in the world.’ He is very sentimental and sensitive. He cries easily. It is enough to have a friend at home who tells him about a family problem, an illness or when it comes to children or he sees reports about children. who suffer, tears come to him quickly…”

Cristiano Ronaldo: “I love you so much mum!”

Referring to her son’s childhood, Dolores Aveiro said: “He has always been a humble child with a huge heart and down to earth. This is the case today too. The ball quickly became his great passion. If someone gave him a toy, he wasn’t interested. Just like school. The ball was more important than anything. That’s what made him happy.” She later added: “He always had his feet on the ground. Even as a child. He doesn’t forget where he comes from. When he started in this environment, I just told him to enjoy, but to be good. keep your head on your shoulders.” Last January, on the occasion of his mother’s birthday, Cristiano Ronaldo shared: “Happy birthday to the best mother in the world, a warrior who always taught me not to give up, the best grandmother my children could dream of having… I love you so much, my mom!” A beautiful declaration of love which must have pleased the main interested party!

Cristiano Ronaldo and his mother © Instagram


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