A symbolic gift can be expensive! Georgina Rodriguez, the companion of Cristiano Ronaldo, did not count to find the ideal gift for her companion. Indeed, the 28-year-old paid a small fortune to make the five Champions League holder happy. Indeed, Georgina Rodriguez gave her a Rolls-Royce worth £250,000 for Christmas, according to the Daily Mail. Moreover, the model went to Instagram to share this unique moment with her followers. It is a valuable piece that will complete the luxury collection of the 37-year-old footballer.

In her post, 28-year-old Georgina Rodriguez showed off her curves nicely with a figure-hugging red dress. She chose matching shoes to complete her look. In a video she shared on social media, she is seen driving Cristiano Ronaldo down their driveway to gift him the jaw-dropping Rolls-Royce convertible. Also in her post, Georgina Rodriguez shared photos of the family’s Christmas festivities. Cristiano Ronaldo’s family was complete, including the couple, children, Cristiano Jr, 12, Alana, Eva and Mateo, all five, and Bella, eight months.

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Cristiano Ronaldo: an unforgettable Christmas with the family

Georgina Rodriguez’s video montage shows her strolling through their luxurious dining room where the Christmas atmosphere is very present. Then the video cuts to the moment when the whole family goes to the gate of the house to see the gift that the mother of the family has reserved for her lover. The convertible white Rolls-Royce even had the big red bow required for presents. The whole family then settled into the new car for a first test drive. Obviously very happy with his gift, Cristiano Ronaldo shared a photo of the cool wheels on Instagram captioning: “Thank you my love”.

Cristiano Ronaldo: his wife breaks the piggy bank and gives him a 300,000 euro gift for Christmas!

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