A little on edge, Cristiano Ronaldo? It would seem so, judging by the images filmed by supporters leaving the stadium this Saturday. We see the player, disappointed after the defeat of his team, hitting the phone of a young man who was filming him. The device crashed to the ground with a sharp noise, before Cristiano Ronaldo continued on his way, without looking at the crowd. Inevitably, this gesture shocked the witnesses of the scene, just like the many Internet users who saw the video after the fact. Once calmed down, the footballer apologized, inviting the supporter in question to come and see a match at Old Trafford, Manchester’s stadium. “It’s never easy to control your emotions in times as difficult as the ones we are going through. Nevertheless, you always have to be respectful, patient and set a good example for the youngsters who love this sport. I want to apologize of my outburst and, if possible, I would like to invite this supporter to a match at Old Trafford, as a sign of fair play and sporting friendship,” said Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo, annoyed after the loss of his own, attacked the phone of an Everton fan pic.twitter.com/rfrub2GXXB

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Cristiano Ronaldo: his gesture divides internet users

No one knows for now if the young man accepted the player’s offer, but that did not prevent the police from opening an investigation into the incident. “We will speak with all parties concerned,” the authorities said in a statement. On Twitter, the reactions are relatively divided. While some seem to understand Cristiano Ronaldo’s reaction, others strongly condemn his gesture and take the opportunity to rekindle the competition between Ronaldo and Messi, claiming that the Argentine player is “100 times more respectful”.

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