Since 2009, the international footballer has been accused of raping the person of Kathryn Mayorga. She accuses him of assaulting her while she was in her hotel room in Las Vegas. As a reminder, the two had met in a nightclub, and the footballer had subsequently invited her to his hotel suite. After she filed a rape complaint against X in a Nevada police station, Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyers bought her silence by making her sign a non-disclosure agreement for $ 375,000.

Despite this agreement, the young woman ended up filing a complaint against Ronaldo for rape in 2018 and demanded from the footballer the sum of $ 77 million. In 2019, prosecutors decided not to continue the investigation, giving the accused “the benefit of the doubt”. Kathryn Mayorga’s last resort last October was postponed.

Ronaldo’s lawyers try to bar access to documents at New York Times

Following this case, the New York Times would like to have access to the documents, in the name of freedom of the press. The spokesperson for the American newspaper also spoke on this subject: “The Las Vegas police have a legal obligation to disclose documents that are public under the Nevada Public Records Act.”

Cristiano Ronaldo and his lawyers are opposed to the disclosure of the documents and have filed a “motion for a protective order” to keep the documents sealed and thus prevent the police from turning them over to the New York Times. They claim that the 400 articles are privileged and contain defamatory statements: “There are good reasons to prohibit the disclosure of the investigation file because it contains stolen documents and communications protected by law, improperly obtained during the investigation. a suspected cyber-hacking “recently declared the footballer’s lawyers.

The Ronaldo affair is thus far from over.

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