December 5 will mark five years since the death of Johnny Hallyday. Shortly after this tragic event, a real legal battle around the rocker’s legacy pitted his widow, Laeticia Hallyday, against his children, David and Laura. A war that also made headlines for many months. And this Sunday, September 11, Laura Smet, who is about to go on stage in the play The Principle of Uncertainty, has agreed to come back to this affair which agitates her family.

The 38-year-old actress first confided that this legacy story could have had serious consequences on her career. “Since The Holy Family, I have not shot for the cinema. You have to be honest: being permanently in the celebrity press does not encourage dreams. All this media unpacking does not make directors want to, and I understand that very well”, she confided to our colleagues, adding that she had however “no other choice but to (s)e fight for (s)his well-being, (s)a future life, that of (his) son, of (his) family”.

Laura Smet: “It was all so violent”

“All this stuff around my father was creepy, shocking and difficult, and doing theater is putting the church back in the middle of the village. It’s cleaning up, fixing it,” Laura Smet continued. The wife of Raphaël Lancrey-Javal also confided to having had moments of doubt following this affair, but that she always managed to get up. “All of this was so violent that I sometimes wondered why I had chosen this profession and who I really was. But I am an artist, and I hope to put some play and light back in front of the scene,” she concluded.

On August 2, during an interview with Femina version, Laura Smet explained that she had managed to rebuild herself little by little in her home in Cap-Ferret. “I have a small house there, right next to friends who are my dear family. I spend a lot of time there when I’m not working. I’m happy to be able to offer this to my son, to cut a little with Parisian hyperconsumption. There, we go to the essentials: we make fires, we read, we walk. Finally, I have always been a field rat”, she confided, before add: “And then I was a little shocked by everything that happened after the death of my father, I needed calm. This place is my universe, my refuge, my paradise. house is made of wood and I have the impression of living in the belly of a tree.”

"Creepy, shocking and difficult": Laura Smet comes back frankly on the war of inheritance around Johnny

Laura Smet © MPP

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