This is an incredible video taken in the Everglades that was seen on the famous TikTok social network. This video shows an alligator swallowing a drone: the animal thought it was food.

In the images, we see the animal in the water shortly before the accident. The drone hovered just over the alligator, which suddenly jumped onto the device, thinking it was prey. Named Georges, the alligator began to chew on the object. White smoke began to come out of the mouth of the animal. “Oh, my God, he’s eating it!” shouted the person filming “George, no! Don’t eat that”. The video was immediately posted to TikTok in two parts. The first part, which went online on August 22, 2021, had 424,000 views. The second part was uploaded on Monday, August 30, 2021 and has been viewed by 5 million people.


Here is the alligator eating the drone combined. George is doing fine and still looked hungry after. ## FYP ## alligator ## dji ## drone ## savage ## floridaman

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The accident sparked a debate

In the comments section, the author of the video reassured netizens and claimed that all is well with the alligator. Once the drone was swallowed, Georges “always seemed to be hungry”, he explains. Nonetheless, this accident still sparked a debate over whether drones should be allowed in natural habitats, as these devices are known to disrupt the lives of animals. Accused of having staged, the tiktoker defended himself and explained that the incident was “accidental”.

According to the United States National Park Services (NPS), there has been a general ban on the use of drones in national parks since June 2014. The NPS website said: “Due to serious concerns about the negative impact that the operation of unmanned aircraft may have on the safety of visitors, personnel and wildlife, they have been restricted in all but a few parks.

The images are impressive © Tiktok

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