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Covid-19: 33-year-old influencer denies the existence of the virus and dies a few weeks later

“I was one of those who thought that the Covid did not exist … until I got sick”. Fitness influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk has died aged 33 after suffering complications from the coronavirus. It was his ex-wife, Sofia Stuzhuk, who announced his death on Saturday, October 17. “We weren’t together anymore, but it didn’t hurt any less, she wrote. I’m so sorry… I’m sorry. Thank you for everything. My important person, my homeroom teacher, my guide, the father of my children. You are our guardian angel and your love will always protect our angels. How painful it is to realize. ” She concluded: “Only warm memories remain, three beautiful children and a precious experience”. Before taking his last breath, the Ukrainian spoke on his Instagram account to discuss the disease.

“I want to share how I got sick and strongly warn everyone, wrote Dmitriy Stuzhuk. I was one of those who thought that Covid did not exist … until I got sick.” Falling ill in Turkey, he explained that he felt his “neck swell” and had “trouble breathing”. Back in Ukraine, he took several tests to figure out what he had and tested positive for Covid-19. At the hospital, doctors hospitalized him for several days before sending him home, explaining that his condition was stable enough to be managed at home. “Taking all these factors into account, I decide that it will be more practical and comfortable for me to be on remote care at home, where I have all the conditions for normal treatment”, wrote the influencer in caption of a photo of him wearing a respirator.

“I did all I could for the father of my children to live”

“I was prescribed treatment and told I had to continue it. They gave me an oxygen machine to breathe because I have low oxygen levels”, he continued, filled with hope for his recovery. But one night, his health deteriorated rapidly. Urgently escorted to hospital Dmitriy Stuzhuk never returned home. His ex-wife explained in the Sun columns that he was in “serious and unconscious condition” at the time. The coronavirus had reached his heart and the young man was suffering from “problems with his cardiovascular system … his heart is not doing it”, as the mother of her three children confided. “Her condition is extremely serious. Nobody can do anything about it,” she continued. “I have done all I can to ensure that the father of my three children lives.” The doctors could do nothing to save him.

Dmitriy Stuzhuk © Instagram

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