One morning, Bri Morrell woke up with red, scaly patches all over her body. Panicked, the young woman quickly went to consult a health professional. The latter told her that she suffered from a rare form of psoriasis. By definition, it is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin that leads to too rapid cell turnover. These regenerate in three days instead of a month. These plaques can cover up to 70% of a young woman’s body and cause her to itch and bleed as her skin breaks open. According to the Englishwoman, this skin disorder would have started after a period of depression.

“I never had psoriasis until I was in my twenties. It affects all parts of my body. I have it on my scalp, face, back, chest, stomach, legs, toes, hands and fingernails,” Bri told the Daily Mirror. And to add: “The most annoying thing is the itching and scabs. Sometimes I’m afraid that people will think that I don’t wash my hair. When I don’t use my cream, I have to It’s hard to move around so much my skin is sore and literally splitting but I use it regularly which helps to control my psoriasis.” A daily life that is not always easy but that the Briton has learned to accept.

Red plates that she fully assumes!

On the treatment side, Bri refused immunosuppressive drugs because of the many side effects. For the time being, the Briton uses a cream to reduce her pain and the dryness of her skin. One thing is certain, she assumes 100%. Moreover, the young woman is trying to raise awareness and educate the general public via her Instagram account. “I had to let go of what people think and learn to love myself even if I don’t fit into beauty standards. I’m proud to accept my skin and help other people not be embarrassed by their illness. Stop comparing yourself to others on social media. Since I stopped that, I feel much better.”

Covered in red patches when she wakes up, she learns that it is a rare disease


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