It was three years ago. On January 29, 2019, Courteney Cox created her Instagram account. In the caption of a snapshot where she posed alongside Ellen DeGeneres and Lisa Kudrow, (interpreter of Phoebe in the Friends series, editor’s note), the pretty brunette had written: “Hello Instagram! I’m here thanks to the help from my friends.” Since then, the actress regularly shares photos on her account with her star friends, with her dogs, but also videos in which she stages herself. In an interview with InStyle, Courteney Cox assured that this was not necessarily viewed favorably by her 17-year-old daughter. “Coco is really embarrassed by a lot of things I put on Instagram,” she slipped before adding, “Sometimes I find something on TikTok and I put it on Instagram and she says, ‘Mom, c It’s trendier! I did this dance once and she was mortified. And actually, when I look back, I’m a little mortified.”

Close to her daughter, it is in the columns of People that the pretty brunette had mentioned their relationship. While Coco will celebrate her eighteenth birthday next summer, the star had confided that she had not thought of the imminent departure of the latter from the family cocoon. She said: “I haven’t thought about it yet! I haven’t registered that she won’t be here anymore. But hey, she’s not here often, let’s be honest. She’s always out of town. home! She’s not the kind of girl to stay home, and when she’s there, she’s in her room, with the door closed.” Discussing their disagreements, Courteney Cox added: “We argue. I’ve learned that boundaries are important and that you have to respect them because I know it reassures her. But I’m not always good with boundaries. I’m wearing myself out. You have to pick your battles and decide what’s important.”

Courteney Cox: “She’s fun”

If her daughter sometimes finds her cheesy, the actress is the biggest fan of the one she has been waiting for for many years. “I think she’s funny and I love spending time with her. I love it when she needs me. She’s fun. And you can never be mad at her, ever, for too long. Coco is very good at apologizing. I should keep her texts. This girl could get away with anything,” she said.

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