At the age of 58, Courteney Cox can boast of having a dream physique despite her failures in cosmetic surgery in the past. The exclusive photos of the actress in a sultry bikini during her vacation in Italy are proof of this. On August 24, 2022, the Daily Mail revealed photos of star Courteney Cox of the hit series Friends in a skin-tight black bikini on board a boat. The British media speaks of a physical gymnast by referring to the body of Courteney Cox which surely makes more than one dream.

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Courteney Cox is vacationing with her boyfriend Johnny McDaid in Positano. The Friends actress flaunts a toned figure on which time seems to have no hold. In addition, her boyfriend, 46-year-old renowned musician and lyricist, does not fail to ogle her for a moment in one of the photos shared by the Daily Mail before lying down next to her and closing his eyes for a nap. Courteney and Johnny have been together since the year 2013 and the two lovebirds seem to be as supportive as ever.

Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid: the two lovebirds are no longer engaged

The Golden Globe winner and the talented songwriter have been dating since 2013. Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid got engaged in June 2014, the Daily Mail recalls. In 2019, the couple announced that they were no longer engaged. And yet, their couple seems to be more complicit than ever. In January, Scream actress Courteney Cox told People magazine that Johnny McDaid is “a person who knows how to listen” and that she has never met anyone more patient than him. Courteney Cox also said he gave great advice.

Courteney Cox: the 58-year-old actress sublime in a black bikini during her romantic vacation

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