The entire cast of the Friends series enjoyed an incredible period of stardom when the series was at the height of its popularity. Even several years after the broadcast of the last episode, Friends remains a cult series and its stars are therefore always watched closely. This is particularly the case of Courteney Cox who, like many other Hollywood actresses, was afraid of growing old and being sidelined by an industry that is relentless with women and their appearance. In an interview with the Sunday Times Style magazine, she explains that she “tried to chase after youth for years” when she began to realize that she was changing, growing old.

Only after several injections and operations thanks to which Courteney Cox wanted to keep this famous youth, she realized something disturbing. “I didn’t realize I have a really weird face after the injections and the stuff I did to my face, which I will never do again now.” The one who played Monica Geller for years has already thought about making one of the famous “before / after” Instagram posts and she already knows what she would write to accompany such a post: “I would say ‘The day you realize what your friends were saying to you’. Because I think people were talking about me. But there was a moment when I was like, ‘I really have to stop, it’s nonsense’ ” .

Courteney Cox quit plastic surgery

Although she has given up cosmetic surgery, Courteney Cox remains very attentive to her appearance and puts enormous pressure on herself. “It’s really intense, the way we are scrutinized. But I don’t think it can be more intense than the pressure I put on myself”. It’s one of the reasons why the actress who recently reprized her role as Gale Weathers in Scream loves cosmetics. “I love trying new products, I try everything”, but in a more relaxed context, and much more fulfilled, as she points out. “I’m much more down to earth, I’ve learned so much in my life…what I value, what I need to try to do more often and when it’s best that I just let go”.

Courteney Cox © Backgrid USA

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