In a way, everyone is unique. This is, moreover, what makes the strength of the couple, but it is also its greatest weakness. Indeed, everyone has their faults which show up in the couple and necessarily impact the relationship. What if it was possible to know your partner’s faults in order to better anticipate things? American astrologer Jake Register revealed each star sign’s biggest flaws to Cosmopolitan US. That of Taurus is not really a surprise: he is stubborn as a mule!

If Gemini’s greatest fault is hypocrisy, Taurus is undoubtedly the most stubborn sign of the zodiac. Remember that the elementary sign of Taurus is the earth. Just like his element, it is often difficult to get him to move, especially when he sticks to his positions. Generally, a person born under the sign of Taurus gives little importance to opinions that diverge from his own. Which is easily prone to conflict in a couple.

It is imperative to take tweezers

The trickiest part with stubborn people is definitely communication. Still, it’s no secret that good communication is vital to a relationship. This whatever its nature. If your partner is a Taurus, it is strongly advised not to go into confrontation. Jake Register points out that a Taurus won’t change their minds no matter how badly the world falls apart.

Here, it is therefore up to you to be flexible and above all to listen very attentively to his arguments. In the same vein, you must not hurt your ego by giving in to criticism, judgments and especially insults. Generally, with flexibility, the discussion will unravel gradually.

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