The zodiac sign is a follower of balance and harmony in all facets of their life. Generally, a native of the sign Libra is someone calm and temperate. He is someone who tries to avoid tumults and confusion. Even when it comes to lovemaking, a Libra doesn’t dream of frantic lovemaking or trying out any new sex positions or naughty games. This does not mean that he or she is not open to a few delusions from time to time.

If your partner is Libra, he or she knows how to balance the bestial and the sensual perfectly. With a Libra partner, you can expect to do the rounds of the more classic and less acrobatic sex positions. This does not exclude a few tests from time to time of other positions which do not fail to spice up your relations a little. Even in sex, the Libra woman and man always cultivates this mysterious side. But Libra is not selfish by nature, he or she is looking for the best way to get pleasure, but also to get it for his partner.

The Secret Offering: Libra’s Favorite Position

The favorite positions of the mysterious and romantic Libra are the positions that allow him to look his partner in the eye. But of all the positions that Libra allows themselves to practice, they particularly prefer the position of the secret offering. This is the position where the woman is lying on one side with one leg bent towards her chest and the other stretched out. This allows him to “offer himself to his partner”, but also to feel deep pleasure.

Couples: your partner is Libra? This is her favorite sex position

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