People born under the sign of Libra are particularly sociable. Being endowed with great diplomacy, it is not uncommon for a large network to gravitate around this sign. Let’s also add his peaceful nature which often allows him to avoid certain troubles. Suffice to say, Libra is really far from the life of conflicting couples. However, this asset is what explains its greatest flaw.

American astrologer Jake Register explains that Libra’s greatest flaw is superficiality. Besides, Libra is surely the most superficial sign of all the zodiac signs. A defect that is certainly not in favor of a romantic relationship. Which is also the case with the hypocrisy of Gemini. The expert explains that it’s their large network of friends that makes Libra reluctant to get to the bottom of things. If your partner was born under this sign, they will have a hard time forming strong bonds. His overly complacent attitude can also have a negative impact on the romantic relationship.

Libra is particularly easily influenced

A person born under the sign of Libra does not like to dig deep into things. Her superficiality is also exacerbated by the fact that she is easily influenced. When you add the fact that Libra has a lot of friends, it can quickly become complicated, especially when some important decisions have to be made. The thing is, Libra likes to depend on others a lot. Which plays against the durability of his romantic relationship. Also, the sign of Libra is terrified of change. So don’t be surprised by his stress when your relationship evolves.

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