Libra is an air sign known for its poise and somewhat wise and always thoughtful side. These characteristics of the native of Libra are also found in their way of approaching sexuality. Even in this facet of their life, the person born under the Libra zodiac sign does not fail to give in art and manner. Charm, harmony and eroticism in its more or less wise expression is an integral part of your Libra partner’s DNA. In bed, the Libra woman and man always favor balance. The antics promise to be perfectly tempered.

The Libra partner always tries to put the right atmosphere, the right dose of animality and refinement. Libra doesn’t go overboard either good or bad. Like a true artist, the Libra partner makes every effort to ensure that sex is both sensual and harmonious without venturing into unfamiliar territory. This attitude of the Libra partner to remain perfectly temperate all the time is also found in his fantasies.

Classic fantasies for Libra

You don’t have to look far to satisfy your partner’s fantasies if he or she is a Libra native. Indeed, people of this Zodiac sign prefer by far the simplest and most common fantasies. The Libra person always trying to stay within the norm, she will not take the risk of humiliation. The most common fantasies are one or a Libra’s favorite. Of these most standard fantasies, the native or the native of Libra especially prefers that of the woman or the man who does not wear underwear.

Couples: your partner is Libra? Here are her greatest fantasies

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