There are character traits that are particularly strong in each of the zodiac signs. If Virgo is the wisest sign of the whole Zodiac, the fact that it is too critical is undoubtedly its biggest flaw. There is also Taurus who is the most stubborn of the signs. What about Capricorn? The American astrologer Jake Register revealed to the Cosmopolitan US that this sign is particularly cold.

This icy coldness is the flip side of his greatest asset, which is relentlessness. Note that a person born under the sign of Capricorn is a hard worker and is the most determined sign of the zodiac. Except that to achieve their goals, Capricorn plays with rigor and submits to more than rigorous discipline, explains the expert. Which often makes him choose his job to the detriment of his love life. A very bad point for the relationship! A Capricorn partner puts their personal interests first. For him, the life of a couple always takes second place.

You can help her let go

This defect of Capricorn, although it is well anchored, is not inevitable. Only, if you want to preserve your couple, it is strongly discouraged to force things. Suffice to say, making him choose between your relationship and his goals is the last thing to do. The trick is to help him let go without making him forget his plans. Here, the basis is to make him understand that your couple can be beneficial to his projects. After all, two heads are always better than one!

Couples: your partner is Capricorn? Here’s its biggest flaw © Pixabay

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