In other aspects of his life, Capricorn is recognized by his introverted and conservative side. For a native of Capricorn, there is no question of taking unmeasured risks. He is someone who prefers to stay in his comfort zone rather than taking risks in adventures whose outcome is not predictable or calculable. A Capricorn native much prefers stability to the unknown. However, when it comes to sex and love, Capricorn is one of those Zodiac signs that may surprise you. The Virgin, for her part, contrary to the impression of innocence she gives off, becomes a real savage in bed.

It can be especially difficult to keep up with a Virgo. He is someone who always asks for more even after many laps in a single day. Likewise, a Capricorn can really make you feel like you’re having sex with someone other than the one you know. Capricorn is described as being a real freak in bed. If you feel like a stress reliever for your Capricorn partner, that’s not exactly the case, but you’re not far off! The thing is, Capricorn enjoys putting energy into the act.

Capricorn loves banging sex

Contrary to his temperament and his excess of caution in everyday life, Capricorn enjoys venturing into unfamiliar terrain when it comes to sex. He is someone who likes to try new things. You may notice that your Capricorn partner likes to lead. He has a penchant for domination. To raise their excitement to its peak, Capricorn loves one practice in particular: spanking. When he is really hot, the Capricorn does not hesitate to indulge in biting either.

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