This is a question that is very often asked when you get into a relationship with a person: what is the astrological sign of his or her partner? For people who believe in the stars, it is very important to know this since it would seem that certain signs would associate better than others. This is particularly the case of Aries with Leos or Taurus with Scorpios. On the contrary, some signs would not go well together if they were associated together. If you don’t want to let yourself be influenced by astrology but are only curious to discover the supposed main quality of your companion or partner, we tell you everything about Cancers. According to information from the Aufeminin website, Cancer would be very sensitive and very affectionate.

“It’s a tender sign that knows how to comfort those around you when things are not going well,” our colleagues still let us know. People of this sign therefore seem to be attentive and invested, whether in love or in friendship. According to the Salut Bonjour website, Cancer, of an emotional nature, would associate very well with Virgos. “Cancer seeks stability and is a person for whom loyalty is of great importance. For their part, Virgo is imbued with respect and knows how to be serious in important moments”, can we read.

Cancers are said to be very affectionate people.

As a reminder, people with the astrological sign of Cancer were born between June 22 and July 22 in tropical astrology. The element is water and the polarity is feminine.

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