It is always good to know your partner well. Especially if you are thinking of building a lasting relationship with. You should know that each sign of the zodiac has its dark side. Gemini is the hypocritical type when Leo has a huge ego. As for Cancer, the American astrologer Jake Register explains that his greatest fault is undoubtedly his extreme sensitivity. Moreover, this sign would be the most sensitive of all the signs of the zodiac. A defect that does not go hand in hand with that of the Virgin who criticizes everything and anything.

If emotionality is human, Cancer is endowed with it a thousand times more than normal. Your partner born under the sign of Cancer will find it difficult to manage his mood, but especially his emotions. And this, in all areas of his life. A behavior that is in no way a good thing in the life of a couple.

The emotionality in a couple is managed by two

If emotionality can be a good thing in the life of a couple, in excess, it can only be harmful. How to help your partner with his dark side? Again, using force is never the answer. It is important to help him relax and provide an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Putting pressure on him is therefore not the solution. In some serious circumstances, you can very well try to distract him. Although this solution is only temporary, it will provide emotional relief. Only, the basis is to help him accept.

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