Aries are people born between March 21 and April 19. In astrology, it is the very first sign of the zodiac, associated with renewal, the fire element, the planet Mars, and in general, with notions of energy and movement. Like all signs of the zodiac, he has faults but also qualities and in particular one that stands out. If he has an impulsive side, however, this allows him to be very courageous and to go for it when other signs would be afraid to take the lead. Indeed, they are able to book a trip to the other side of the world on a whim but also to be creative. Among the main qualities, we can mention the extroverted, dynamic side but also the enthusiasm that overflows people born under this sign.

In terms of privacy, however, the ram has some flaws. He can be very jealous but also make blunders since he does not think before speaking. He also hates routine, only forgives when water has gone under the bridge, and has great difficulty getting along with other Aries. In love, the Aries woman is very passionate. She is a very great lover who does not hesitate to give everything of herself. Independent, she prefers to be active and will not be content to stay at home. The character of the Aries man is quite similar since he is dominated by the need to impose himself in a very rhythmic daily life. He refuses failures and has great difficulty in recognizing his wrongs. Regarding the ideal love compatibility, the woman will be able to find love in the arms of a Leo man, who will share his extravagance. For the Aries man, it is a woman under the Pisces astrological sign who will be able to meet his expectations.

Aries has a strong personality

People whose astrological sign is Aries are go-getters and even combative. If your partner is an Aries, you will notice that he is a whole being who does not give up easily. With its leading position among the other astrological signs, Aries regularly puts itself forward since it is a sign of action more than reflection, of exterior rather than interior, of efficiency rather than precision. Qualities that allow him to stand out and move forward, in all circumstances.

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