The love compatibility between two Zodiac signs can be known in advance. The same goes for their sexual compatibility. Each astrological sign has a number of character traits, the same goes for their sexual inclinations. By knowing your partner’s astrological sign, you know pretty much what to expect under the duvet. Libra is a fan of oral sex and Aquarius is fond of new sexual experiences. Pisces can have a penchant for foot fetishism because they are so inclined to provide pleasure to their partner.

If your partner is Aries, you can also expect quite spectacular and unexpected lovemaking. Aries has an adventurous spirit and is someone who is full of energy. He does not hesitate to put his energy and spontaneity at the service of the flesh to please himself and to provide it to his or her partner. Aries accepts changes fairly quickly, and this can also be seen in their behavior in bed. Adapting to new sexual positions is not a concern for Aries. Besides, he wouldn’t be against a little role-playing.

The sexual inclination and favorite position of Aries

Aries’ adventurous spirit needs adrenaline, which is why they may be inclined to take risks to increase excitement. Aries’ favorite practice is sex outside. The expression beast of sex can be used in relation to Aries. He is impulsive and passionate, and can make love at any time and in any place, preferably the most unusual places. Although Aries likes all positions, the doggy style, the andromache as well as the reverse horse are his favorite positions.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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