It was in Cosmopolitan US magazine that American astrologer Jake Register revealed the biggest flaw of all the signs. Of course, that of Aquarius has also been revealed. If your partner is a native of Aquarius, then their biggest flaw is their rebellious spirit. If Virgo is the type to criticize everything, Aquarius is the type to dislike established systems. We must not forget that this sign particularly loves freedom and just like Aries, Aquarius loves adventures and thrills.

People born under the sign of Aquarius do not like to follow the beaten path. They never do things like everyone else. This spirit of revolt often brings him to conflict, especially with his anti-conformist ideas, according to the expert. Which is by no means a good thing in a relationship where routine is often synonymous with stability. There is also the fact that he likes to share his controversial ideas. An Aquarius has a tendency to force others to accept their opinion and ideas.

It is possible to settle the revolt

Although this spirit of revolt is well anchored in Aquarius, you still have options to solve the problem if only a little. First of all, it is strongly advised not to directly oppose his ideas when he expresses them. This will avoid unnecessary arguments in the couple. You must also be the one who reflects on the reason for her irritations. This is to defuse a communication that will often be difficult. Another solution would be to rephrase what he says instead of contradicting it.

Couples: your partner is Aquarius? Here’s its biggest flaw © Pixabay

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