Aquarius is a sign that is known for its taste for adventure. Moreover, unlike Taurus, Aquarius does not like routine. Staying at home to enjoy the warmth of the home is therefore not made for this astrological sign. This also applies sexually. Indeed, the natives of this sign are known to hate routine in bed. This often explains why Aquarius does not think twice before going to see other horizons in terms of carnal pleasures.

Aquarius has this irrepressible need to want to experience new adventures all the time. He is very open-minded and has almost no limits. In bed, he therefore has no taboos and often seeks to discover new sensations and live new experiences. Although he is not the best lover of the zodiac, he is not far from it. Particularly cerebral, Aquarius harbors many fantasies and has many hidden desires.

Aquarius: everything for new experiences!

Aquarius swears by innovation in terms of sex. If your partner was born under this astrological sign, conventional sex will have to be forgotten. He likes anything out of the ordinary. Phone sex or using sex toys? Anything goes! Besides, don’t be surprised to see Aquarius indulge in a few massages before the act. The downside is that this sign tends to exaggerate. This means that certain practices will be a tad dangerous. It’s up to you to balance the thing if this ever happens!

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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